Here is a brief overview of how we get from a photograph portrait to the finished glass object. The beauty of it is the simplicity of the process. 
Because what is most important to us is offering you products that easy to use and reliable. So you can focus on what matters most; your customers. 
Step 1
Take a portrait using our c-cam 3D camera or create a special 3D design for your customer using CAD software.
Step 2
Process the data using our powerful crystalab software. This allows you to create complex laser images with ease on your pc to act as a template for your glass image.
Step 3
Once you have transferred your image template to one of our laser systems, a laser beam will burn it into crystal glass with maximum precision and at high speed. The surface remains smooth and flawless.
Step 4
Now captured forever, you can present an amazing 3D crystal image to your customer in just a few minutes.