FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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The only similarity between a 3D subsurface engraving and a hologram is a three dimentional representation. The effect of a face  "watching" the viewer while moving a hologram can also be observed with a 3D portrait in glass by viewing the glass fron behind while slightly moving it.    

The following formats are compatible: wrl, .dxf,.odj,.stl,.3ds or .max. It is also possible for us to convert other file formats . For further information, click here  

Absolutely not.The scanner used a bright light similar to a camera flash.

The image retains its timless brilliance and appearence and will never turn yellow. The picture is permanently etched in glass. However, the glass should never be exposed to a temperature higher then 500D F!!

Our technology is conceived for three-dimensional scans od faces, not of object. However, we process a large data bank of three-dimensional designs and no special request our 3D designers will gladly creat a customized 3D image on the computer.

Yes, it is possible to laser a 3D image from a standard photograph. For further information, Please Check here.

2D crystal image are engraved reproduction of picture inside glass. The image is suspended inside the glass; the image and its reverse are visible. The image will never deteriorate or fade; etched into the crystal forever. 3D crystal images are three dimentional portraits created from two-dimensional photographs. Our computer software adds depth to the subject's facial features to create profiles of the face. All background are removed so that the focus is on the 3D reproduction of the individual engraved in our crystal.    

The laser is focused in the same way a sun's ray can be concentrated by a magnifying glass to set paper on fire.

The laser process called 'vitrography' is achived by using a special computer-controlled laser. The laser focuses its concentrated beam of light below below's the glass surface and change the structure of glass point by point. The result is an image up of thousand of small plotted points.

Our 3D design are lasered into blocks of high quality optical glass, the same quality glass is used to make lenses for NASA's large teliscope..